Welcome to Anne Howe Associates, LLC

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I launched Anne Howe Associates in September of 2010,  after a productive marketing career, most of it focused in brand, retail and shopper marketing.

What I Do: Consult. Deliver. Help You. Collaborative Innovation. Shopper Marketing Capability. Reposition Brands & Services for Relevant Engagement with Shoppers. Communicate.

Mission: To help you discover dynamic ways to win.

Background: Industry involved and recognized, versatile and hard-working. Read all the particulars here.

Nature: Curious, thoughtful, creative, exuberant leader with a passion for honest interactions. I tell it like it is. I initiate work and I deliver.

Perspective: We can create more success by involving both your customer and your shopper in your business model. Engagement works. Use it across your path to purchase, and your path to advocacy.  The push model of marketing is officially dead. If you’re not doing everything you can to re-arrange your-go-to market strategies based on insights about “ready-to-spend” shopper targets, you’re late. It’s time to take the journey.

Here are the services I offer to my clients.

I write the Shopper Annie Blog:

My goals for the blog are simple:

  • To create diverse and useful content about shopper marketing, and
  • To express my personal views and passions along the journey

I Tweet as @ShopperAnnie –  I try to focus on interesting information and news on shopper marketing, retail, brand and innovation. I network in various groups, and I converse with collaborators. I’m also on LinkedIn.

That’s my shopping bag full of goodies. Join Me!


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