Walmart activates Moms on Match It Program, but is it working?

When Walmart began airing it’s TV ads letting the nation know it will match prices, a little bit of chaos ensued. Namely, the sales associates wouldn’t match prices at the registers unless the shopper had the other ad in hand. Hmmm, not so good for the shopper, right?

After a few weeks of confusion, Walmart has taken steps to actually help the shopper get the deals. But shoppers must still ask. The good news is that Walmart is now training associates to be more responsible themselves to have other ads and flyers handy, and to take some personal responsibility to the mission of attracting more shoppers more often by being ready to make good on the national ad campaign.

Interestingly, the retailer has also activated the Walmart Moms to make and post personal videos on their blogs and on YouTube to help train shoppers how to navigate the policy and get the deal. I looked at some of these video’s and while they’re helpful, they’re not getting many views. One posted on April 12 had 87 views, another had 287. That’s not making a very big dent in clearing up the confusion.

Is Walmart too late? Is the price-matching campaign just another grasp for shoppers who have moved on and found satisfying shopping experiences elsewhere? I have to drive 30 minutes to get to the nearest Walmart supercenter, so this is a campaign lost on me, given the price of gas and about twenty other well-priced options I can shop without feeling very much financial stress. I also, just for fun, looked at the 18 coupons I could print from and decided there wasn’t anything worth activating. If I had a pet, the best offers out there were from Purina, just in case anyone with pets wants to print them!

What about you? I’d love to share some experiences, so let’s hear your shopper stories and point-of-view on this effort.

2 thoughts on “Walmart activates Moms on Match It Program, but is it working?

  1. My parents have always been Walmarteers. 95% of groceries were bought from Walmart; the only time it wasn’t was when it was cheaper elsewhere. When I took over the household buying of groceries and eating healthy became important I discovered that Walmart wasn’t always the best deal. I saw the ads on television for their “match it”, although cute, I was a bit confused when my dad took an ad from Albertsons for buy 1 get 1 free for pork chops. I told him Walmart will match it so he went to Walmart….Walmart didn’t match it, they said in order to match it it had to exactly the same?? I guess the exact same cut and name? What’s up with that? Is there a place I can go to get the “rules” on the “match it”? I’ve already started going elsewhere. Fortunately we have Brookshires, Aldi, Metro, and Albertsons realitvely close by (gas does play a role). To add to this, they are renovating and prices have jumped…of course this could partly be due to economy…but I think it’s needing to pay for renovation…Come on Walmart! Y’all aren’t the lowest prices in town and if you say match it, clarify in layman terms what this “exactly” means.
    LOL… I found this post while trying to find the truth about Walmart’s “match it” policy…

  2. The Walmart “Match It” policy isn’t new. I don’t know exactly how long it’s been around, but I know it’s been at least 7 years now.

    You’re right, the primary issue with the policy is two fold; it’s difficult to understand (they don’t match percent off, buy one get one promos, etc.) and it requires the customer to do all of the work.

    As far as the campaign, itself, is concerned; Walmart can’t expect that they can throw up a few YouTube videos and hope they get viewed. Are they doing anything else to promote the videos and drive more traffic?

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