Fa La La AHA!

I’m prepping invoices clients want to pay before 12/31/11. And I’m thinking back to Christmas week of 2010, when Anne Howe Associates (AHA!) was still in start-up mode. Notable events of that week included signing an agreement with and rushing an invoice on 12/24 to Decision Insight, turning a business friendship into a client and ultimately into a true friendship.

This week, I’d like to say thanks to the many clients that have entrusted their work to me in 2011. I’m happily and productively at your service, with all due intent to deliver my best work for you every day.  I’m excited for 2012, knowing it will be busy, full of challenges, insights, AHA! moments and application of learning to your business.

I would also like to thank my many industry friends in the marketing and shopper marketing world. Your friendship, trust and encouragement, and especially your referrals, have been inspiring for me in 2011, and I thank you all for your support and most of all your friendship. I feel a true community spirit around me, and I hope I can foster the feeling for all of you in 2012.

And even though I’m not much of a winter person, there is beauty and wonder in every single snowflake, and I hope we can all take time this Holiday season to throw our heads back and catch a few snowflakes this season, as they do indeed put the sparkles and the twinkles in our eyes! Happy Holidays to All.


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