Free Puppies for Christmas!

Last year our three adult children, assuming we were so lonely without them, were scheming to get us a puppy. For Christmas.  Little did they know we (the ‘rents) had already discussed and agreed on no puppy, we’d rather golf and travel more and not have to pay for doggie care so soon after paying for all that college.  Good thing we overheard the whispering and instead we received an awesome new HD television for the family room.

Buying or giving (from a shelter) a puppy as a surprise holiday gift, is crazy, in my opinion.

But the power of the concept of a free puppy is a strong emotional tug, and the feeling is so warm and happy…..

And that is why Eddie Bauer Stores gets my favorite 2011 in-store holiday merchandising award this December. I’ll take a free plush “Little Eddie” puppy with a gift card purchase any day of the year. Merry Christmas!

A retail offer that feels like a kiss from a warm puppy!

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