Why is your refrigerator so empty?

I was asked this question by my 24 year old nephew yesterday.  It’s been bugging me, since just this week I made an internal promise to back off the amount of money I spend on groceries.

The easy answer is that I have a 48″ double wide built in refrigerator. It holds about as much as a small Kroger store.

But this morning I’ve been thinking about the real issue. And that is quality.

The four containers of yogurt are Fage greek, more expensive but more nutritious. The fruit and veggies are largely organic, and usually replenished at the farmer’s market. The eggs are Eggland’s Best, healthier, but pricier too. The R. W. Knudsen cranberry juice is pure, highly concentrated and mixed with water. The milk, however is Kroger’s new private label fat-free variety, which recently replaced Horizon Organic on the shelf, and by default, ended up in my cart. The meat we currently have on hand is fresh organic lamb from a local farmer friend of mine, Otto’s Chicken and some Boar’s Head ham.

You get the idea. I’m a label reader, and most of our food is fresh, healthy, low in sodium, fat and chemicals. It’s also budget busting, so we don’t really buy a lot of it.

And, really, even if I spent three hours a week (like most consumers in the country d0) looking for coupons online, I’m not likely to find coupons for the things I often buy. But in 2012 I’m going to give it a whirl.

It’s a conundrum, really. Am I a food snob living in an unreal world? Or am I faithfully watching the foods we eat to make certain they aren’t contributing to the load of disease-causing chemicals our bodies can’t process? The numbers of people I know with disease is slowly outnumbering those I know who are healthy, especially in the over 50 set.

So, while I do plan to cut food costs in 2012, I don’t plan to reduce quality. It’s likely my refrigerator is going to look even more empty the next time my nephew stops by. It will likely be minus a couple bottles of decent white wine.



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