Falling out of like with online shopping


Two weeks ago, I ordered an outdoor rug for my back deck from you.  I was so pleased to find the selection you offerred, and did a bit of exploring on your site to determine the size and style I wanted. I love that my chosen rug was a good price, the shipping date was very reasonable, and in less than three days the rug was on the deck, under the new table. Imagine how happy I was to have my neighbors over for dinner, collecting compliments on my style of outdoor entertaining.

So, why oh why, Overstock, do you continue to show up in my Facebook feed as a sponsored post with views and ads of all the other rugs I looked at but did not order???

Come on now, you know I bought one of the 5 styles I was looking at. Why do you now haunt (read as annoy) me with the other 4?

This the is most shopper-annoying part of technology.

It makes me want to delete my Overstock.com account. Instead of helping me, you are interrupting my life while I am trying to enjoy what I bought from you already.


I;m falling out if like with you.


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One Response to Falling out of like with online shopping

  1. Anne, this is the second time today that remarketing has come up in my frame of reference. Recently, Google’s AdWords rep tried to talk me into signing up a client for remarketing. They say that 93% of people who visit a site don’t purchase and that remarketing (following you around the web with ads) increases the purchase activity…so it makes no sense to me either that if the technology is smart enough to remarket/follow (via cookies) then why or why can’t they have someone like my Chief Arranger of Electrons write a program that factors in the purchased item and (just like Amazon) suggests other porch accessories? Maybe you’d like a pillow, or a new pitcher or new candles… :-)

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