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Falling out of like with online shopping

DEAR OVERSTOCK.COM Two weeks ago, I ordered an outdoor rug for my back deck from you.  I was so pleased to find the selection you offerred, and did a bit of exploring on your site to determine the size and … Continue reading

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A Tramp Stamp on the Tomato!

I can’t wait to see if there will be a “tramp stamp” on my store-bought tomatoes one day soon. Change is coming to the produce industry.  Tattoos may soon replace those annoying but helpful little stickers you find on most fruits … Continue reading

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ShopperAnnie versus the Porn Star

Bet you didn’t know I chose @ShopperAnnie as my Twitter handle back in 2009 because there’s a porn star who calls herself Anne Howe. UGH! Launching a professional consultant identity in the Shopper Marketing/Retail/Consumer Goods space is hard enough.  Competing … Continue reading

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Publix rethinks the ubiquitous Retail Endcap

Yes, it’s true. I took a dozen in-store pictures in a grocery store while on vacation. But, it’s rare for @ShopperAnnie to get a chance to shop in a brand spanking new major grocery store. Overall, I’d rate this newly … Continue reading

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Everybody Needs a Happy Place

A lighthouse has useful purposes, to help sailors avoid disaster and find their way home. We all need that once in a while. So I’m posting up my favorite lighthouse photo from Sturgeon Point, Michigan. Long ago a family member … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Kiwi

Kiwi, you’ve been replaced by a banana. A peel of a banana, no less! I recently read (in the AARP magazine, OMG did I just admit that?) that you can use a banana peel (the inside part) to polish leather … Continue reading

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Can you help me?

I’ve been re-reading Nilofer Merchant’s book Eleven Ways to Add Value in the Social Era. I love this book. It’s about context for business in the 21st century, creating value via social connections beyond an organizational construct. The organizational construct is … Continue reading

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A Penny Less is Not Less

Really? Come on Walmart algorithms. I’m not one to bash retailers that compete with Amazon. I say this because it’s really about experience, not price.  But retailers believe that for most shoppers,  it’s about price, so being a shopper marketing … Continue reading

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Shopper Marketing – Climb into the Soup Bowl

I wish my corporate friends in shopper marketing would get out of their silo’s and climb into the soup bowl for once and for all. Come on friends, think about your own real life behavior. You don’t thing and act … Continue reading

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What’ s the most visually appealing aspect of travel for you? For me, it’s an opportunity to be near water whenever I can. And to enjoy the stimulating colors. From the deep olive greens in a creek to the stunning … Continue reading

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