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A Tramp Stamp on the Tomato!

I can’t wait to see if there will be a “tramp stamp” on my store-bought tomatoes one day soon. Change is coming to the produce industry.  Tattoos may soon replace those annoying but helpful little stickers you find on most fruits … Continue reading

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Can you help me?

I’ve been re-reading Nilofer Merchant’s book Eleven Ways to Add Value in the Social Era. I love this book. It’s about context for business in the 21st century, creating value via social connections beyond an organizational construct. The organizational construct is … Continue reading

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Three AHA Moments – Words for 2013

This is the third year I’ve followed the advice of business leader Chris Brogan  – to select and post for all to see – three words that will guide the year ahead. Last year I built my words around my business … Continue reading

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High on Monster High

It’s hard to stay up on all the trends I need to know in retail, shopper marketing, culture…engagement, advocacy…you name it…I’m supposed to know about it.  Honey Boo Boo? Really? We’re over your gross lack of manners. Gangnam Style? Whatever… … Continue reading

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Peeking into Retail Windows

What ever happened to retail windows that could cause a shopper to pause and ponder? These windows did just that. Thank you, Louis Vuitton, for your design point of view – worth taking a moment to appreciate. Amidst the crowd … Continue reading

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We Dig the Pig

We travel to the Carolina’s three or four times a year, have been doing so for years. Our relationship with the Pig, (a.k.a. Piggly Wiggly grocery chain) began on Hilton Head Island. We got the loyalty card the first year … Continue reading

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Get Working on Tomorrow. Today.

We better get working on tomorrow. Today. With a wary eye on the future, it’s way past time to start thinking, seeing and acting differently. Businesses today are trying to change, but still unwilling to break out of deeply rooted … Continue reading

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Crackin’ with McCracken

A few years back I sat in a conference hall enjoying this jitter-bug kind of of guy flit about the stage and roam up and down the aisles ranting about human culture and marketing. I was riled up, excited by … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty

I’ve always been a fan of the Hello Kitty brand, mostly because the founders never “gave” the brand a positioning, It was always about letting the consumer define what it meant to her. I loved that. Until yesterday, I was … Continue reading

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Is price the only answer to showrooming at retail? I think not.

If you touch retail in any manner in your profession, you’ve no doubt heard about “showrooming” – the practice of using a smartphone from a store aisle to check prices and potentially buy from another retailer or an online only … Continue reading

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