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A Tramp Stamp on the Tomato!

I can’t wait to see if there will be a “tramp stamp” on my store-bought tomatoes one day soon. Change is coming to the produce industry.  Tattoos may soon replace those annoying but helpful little stickers you find on most fruits … Continue reading

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The fishy business of Shopper Marketing

I’ve got a voracious appetite for reading. This weekend I’m trying to catch up on a few industry reads. This morning I’m browsing through the 2nd Edition of Shopper Marketing, published by Kogan Page Limited in 2010 and updated in … Continue reading

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I’ve spent many years in my career(s) being responsible for looking out the front window of the car, being responsible for having a view on what to think about next, and what to do about it. I’ve always called it … Continue reading

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Shopper Marketing – Top Trend for 2012 – Smart tech and human contact come together.

As I browse through 2012 trend articles, I look for threads that weave seemingly disparate trends together into something more meaningful. This year, I see a distinct link between the breakneck pace of smartphone use and the growing desire even … Continue reading

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