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A Tramp Stamp on the Tomato!

I can’t wait to see if there will be a “tramp stamp” on my store-bought tomatoes one day soon. Change is coming to the produce industry.  Tattoos may soon replace those annoying but helpful little stickers you find on most fruits … Continue reading

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Publix rethinks the ubiquitous Retail Endcap

Yes, it’s true. I took a dozen in-store pictures in a grocery store while on vacation. But, it’s rare for @ShopperAnnie to get a chance to shop in a brand spanking new major grocery store. Overall, I’d rate this newly … Continue reading

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Why is your refrigerator so empty?

I was asked this question by my 24 year old nephew yesterday.  It’s been bugging me, since just this week I made an internal promise to back off the amount of money I spend on groceries. The easy answer is … Continue reading

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You Can Eat It Raw

In August, in Michigan, the bi-colored sweet corn is so good you can eat it raw right off the cob. No boiling water, nor grill, no butter, no salt, no pepper needed. Just strip the husk, rinse it with fresh … Continue reading

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Is a Big Mac FoodTruck the unworthy giant?

Food trucks are a fascinating trend. Or are they just a fad? This form of retail erupted on the urban scene a few years back, and accelerated rapidly with the help of a reality TV show and social media. Now … Continue reading

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Growing Dinner

I’ve always been a gardener, inspired since grades school by my Dad’s backyard plot of tomatoes, squash, corn and more. He taught me how to make black gold, layering kitchen scraps, brown leaves, grass clippings in thirds, carefully watering and … Continue reading

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Are today’s parents nuts? Retailers can help.

The schools-imposed ban on bringing in peanuts and other common food allergens is, of course, controversial,  especially if you’re a parent of a whiny kid who wants PBJ’s for lunch every day. To get a sense of the current consumer … Continue reading

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Where is the fat, really?

Like Phil Lempert and the researchers that publish The Lempert Report, I too am surprised by the recent IFIC study results that fewer Americans are concerned about their weight, don’t consider themselves to be obese (even though they are) and … Continue reading

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Green Bean Casserole. Under-baked at retail.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a loyal Target shopper. But lately, I’ve been seeing some rather troublesome merchandising trends in their stores. This one really stands out in my mind as a miss. In fact, had I not stopped … Continue reading

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Rolling Homegrown

Rolling homegrown love in the kitchen! Continue reading

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