Welcome to Anne Howe Associates.
Otherwise known as Aha!

Business growth through the discovery and application of Aha! moments – that’s our goal for you.

Being positioned for growth in an uncertain future requires bold and innovative action. Standing for something and having a purpose, a story and an action plan are essentials every business must have. We can help you get these crucial building blocks in order. Even if you think you have them already, consider taking the time to re-visit. Considering the massive culture shift of the population of late, a tweak or a refresh may be just the right re-start to growth.

This consulting practice offers you a mix of art & science, focused on strategic growth through assessment of the marketplace, in-depth understanding of the consumer/shopper target and application of human behavior and influence principles. Exploring white space and growth from the outside edges is encouraged here.

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Retail Consulting

  Selling what shoppers want to buy. One thing retailers can do better is to understand what shoppers expect to see on shelves in their stores. And then get it on the shelf. Turns out that’s not always easy.

Lego Dragon

Causing Emotion

Does this photo make you feel like buying? Causing emotion creates purchase intent and conversion. Almost all of our shopping decisions are made with our subconscious mind. That’s the place in our brain that has no voice box, so we can’t really describe how we arrived at