Retail Conundrum

So. I’m out of the BTS game, since my youngest is a junior in college and living at home. But I just don’t get WHY retailers begin this season in mid-July. In the south, mid-August start dates for kids make sense, it’s too hot to be outside, But here in the midwest, our stores are overflowing with BTS merchandise and we don’t start school until September 7th. And, by the way, those areas in the stores I visit are loaded with stuff, but empty from a shopper standpoint. Not good.

What’s worse is that I can’t find garden supplies I want just when the garden needs a pick me up. Not good.

And forget about a cute new bathing suit, a new sundress or even a new golf outfit for that late summer vacation, which tee’s me off since end of summer is pretty much the “slimmest” timeframe on my annual calendar. I want to shop but not for winter coats. Not good.

Where does this lead me? To TJMaxx, where I pay about one-third of what I’d be willing to pay at the mall. Or, conversely, to the higher end retailers, knowing I’m gettitng marked down prices that have no profit margin left in them for the manufacturers or the retailers. But have I even been in these stores? No. Not good.

Given that my business is shopper marketing, this makes me uncomfortable. Nobody making a profit is not good business. Period.  I walk stores for business, but this time of year creates a shopper conundrum for me that is hard to resolve.

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