Why I Shop at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets have great brands. But the brands are real people. On my very regular visits to the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market, my brand plan includes Gary, Farmer George, Organic George, and Ida Belle.  Personal brands! We’re on a first name basis. That’s why I love to shop there.

Gary is a fourth generation Michigan farmer who raises free range chicken that is sold under the Otto’s Chicken brand name. It truly tastes like chicken I remember my great-grandma roasting. They don’t advertise much, they prefer to rely on “bird” of mouth! (I tweet about them often, because I want to help)

George Uhlianuk is the big daddy cornerstone vendor at the market. Look for him in a Red Wings jersey and a big smile, promoting the economic benefits of buying and supporting local farms. He’s known for his basil and his acres of heirloom tomatoes. My garden is full of interesting plants and my head is full of interesting tales from his adventures in farming. Take a look at this photo I snapped a few weeks ago!

Organic George is owner of Cinzori Organic Farms, and the golden beets, onions, potatoes and herbs he sells all end up in a roasting dish with olive oil, honey and balsamic vinegar. It’s a culinary treat to have food taste so good. Be ready to wash the dirt off this produce. It’s well worth the effort.

What’s the perfect complement to all  forms of gardening goodness? The shower I take when it’s clean up time, with hand-made soap from Ida Belle. Pure and deliciously scented, my favorite is Sweet Earth and I’ve been using it for about 8 years. She’s delightful. I gift her soaps all the time! She does clever packaging of soaps for showers and events as well.

I consider these brands my personal brands. I shop at the market deliberately, and promote them because they deliver all the relevant elements that a brand should stand for in my humble shopper marketing opinion. No payment required.

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