Personal Brands Enhance Shopper Experience at Farmer’s Markets


I am re-posting my point-of-view on shopping at the farmer’s market that I published last fall. I was reminded of it based on reading the discussion today on, which was to input on whether farmer’s markets posed a share threat to grocery. Many opinions say not really, but I say the dimensions of experience and almost a hyper-local level of support and loyalty for the people who work at these markets poses something to think about. Culturally, we are moving to a familiar local and divergent way of living that supports commerce that feels comfortable and provides value.

I’m not willing to trade the experiences I love at the market and seek price-matching online and by scouting the store flyers. Too much time and running around; time I could be spending with my market friends. I learn more by talking to people who produce the goods I buy and proudly use.


2 thoughts on “Personal Brands Enhance Shopper Experience at Farmer’s Markets

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Regions that have a strong base of farmer’s markets like Portland, Seattle, Boulder/Denver and others cultivate a “local” economy preference as a result of freedom of choice it enables. During the growing season, there’s no doubt that the farmer’s market impacts grocery market share. The economy might soften this, but there are many ways to shop locally on a budget.

    Personally, about 90% of our fruits and vegetables are purchased at the farmer’s market during the growing season here. Considering over half of our groceries purchased are produce, that’s a big impact for about 6+ months of the year. And I know we’re not the only ones.

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