My Missoni Mistake

I’m no rookie when it comes to shopping. This morning, while commenting on shopper behavior on the RetailWire site where I’m an “expert panelist” I made the decision to switch my planned grocery trip to Target (not Meijer) and go check out the Missoni apparel scene. The discussion topic was about the shopper quest for a trophy purchase, and I used the Missoni collection at Target as an example.

Before heading out, I browsed the collection on, noting a few sweaters I might consider as my personal trophy purchase.  The “out of stock” notices on much of the apparel online should have been my first clue.

Indeed, only one day after the launch,  every rack of Missoni at my local Target was already re-stocked with Merona, Xhiliration and Mossimo items. Even the kids area and the accessories areas were bare. The only Missoni item left in the entire store was a plastic headband, hardly the statement piece I thought I might acquire.

Target got an $86.00 basket ring from my journey for a fashion find. The closest thing to fashion in the cart, however, was Maybeline mascara.

Savvy shopper that I am,  I tracked down an “in-the-know” associate who gave me the story ( it ALL sold out in 30 minutes, she reported) AND whispered to me the date that the store will have more Missoni. That date is not advertised and will remain my dirtly little secret until I rectify that mistake and get my trophy Missoni sweater.

I can’t remember the last time a retail event made me note my calendar, set an alarm alert and will get me in the store the minute they unlock the door.


2 thoughts on “My Missoni Mistake

  1. Part of the problem was the volume of stock. I was there at 8 am with only about 25 other people in line at a North Side Chicago Target (i.e., young urban shoppers), so it should have been well stocked. It was NOT.

    My “target” purchases were bedding and the espresso set (both of which I got, because 23 of the other 25 people headed to the clothing). There were literally 5 bedding sets, and two espresso sets in the entire store. So it’s no wonder that things sold out everywhere.

    For all the build up and hype, they shot themselves in the foot for not having enough product… unless they indeed do plan to restock. Let’s hope that rumor is true.

    1. I think my suburban Detroit Target was in the same stock situation. Even their big Pop-Up store in New York City had to close on Day One, it was supposed to be open for a week!.
      I’m guessing the re-stock will be sparse as well. With that kind of hype, they should have put it all out and not hold back. Too bad it is a one-off situation and not a line of seasonal product that would be around like the Vera Wang line at Kohl’s. I wonder if the “over-hype” will damage either brand?

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