Three Words for 2012

I do this because it works. Following the lead of Chris Brogan,  a business leader who continually gives to others, I set three words in 2011 and used them as a lighthouse to guide me to where I knew I wanted to be.

For 2012, I choose to use AHA! as the framework for my words. Here goes….

ASSAY. I like this verb. It means to examine and determine. It’s similar to the “So What” word I chose in 2011. It defines what I’m good at and how I conduct myself in my work. And in 2012, I am thankful to have a lot of work, so I’m keeping focus on doing great work through the selection of this word.

HEROIC. This word is the “H” word for my AHA! framework for two reasons. One, because it’s a synonym for many other words I love, such as bold, brave, spunky, and undaunted. Those words help me state who I am.

Two, in a lot of my work, the consumer (or the shopper) is the hero. As part of the executive team at my former agency, MARS, we launched the company positioning around this concept. So I feel connected enough to the concept that the shopper’s journey is analogous to the hero’s journey to use it still.

APPLY. This word is a great motivator.  Get it done. Ship it, a phrase I love thanks to Seth Godin’s great books. We all can benefit from a word that holds us to the promise of delivering great work. This is mine for 2012.

My consulting practice is built on delivering AHA! moments. These three AHA! words: ASSAY, HEROIC, APPLY, will help me continue to do just that.

What are your three words?



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