PayPal – Brand or Commodity?

Well. I just got an e-mail to take a survey about PayPal. I thought: “I use it, so why not take the survey?”

I think I flunked.  The invite told me it would take ten minutes, which I was willing to invest…but it only took two…..a sure sign of self-select termination survey research.

When I thought about it while answering the first few questions, the brand doesn’t really have a benefit to me other than it allows me to pay my tech service vendor with one-click.  I literally use it ONLY for that. When I answered the first two questions in that frank of a manner, the survey then stopped, and told me “Thanks, we have no further questions.”

Hmmmm. I have a sneaking feeling that in fact, PayPal might want to hear more about why I dumped its brand into a commodity category the moment I tried to find more than a convenience benefit and could not. I can’t recall thinking about wanting or trying to set up PayPal to be my go-to payment method for anything else. I have a (sort-of) positive feelings about the brand, but when pressed , those feeling are really not anything I’ve ever acted on.

The oddest thing is, as I dissect what just happened, I still can’t summon up any desire or reason to change things.

To think…how quickly what you might think is a brand can become just another commodity……..


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