Windows into the Future

Occasionally, when I’m out and about, I’ll take photos and post my personal opinions about retail merchandising. If you find cool things and want to share them here, let me know and I’ll lend you a page here to do that!

Perhaps taking a page from the Ralph Lauren book of best-in-class story-telling at retail, BestBuy gets a “nice job” from ShopperAnnie on the window displays I ran across in downtown Chicago a few weeks ago. Dramatic in their styling, each tells a different lifestyle story, and two of three featured QR codes to embellish the information available to window shoppers.

My particular favorite is the kitchen window featuring Keurig coffee makers. Who knew you could get one of those at BestBuy? Perhaps I’m enamored more because I covet a Keurig. BestBuy not only tweaked my desire, but got on the list. Time did not allow me to explore the in-store presentation in the Chicago store, but I’ve got a trip to BestBuy on my brain to check it out. Do I dare hope to get an actual cup of coffee while in-store? If it were me, I’d make that event happen in-store and add, even on a temporary basis, a window cling with “come on in for a cup of coffee” on it.

Come on in for a cup of coffee!

I also liked the “photo story” window, although it may have been stronger if it featured an actual photo story.

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

The least impactful window, to me, featured tablets. In a category that’s hot, this display effort, while matching the visual theme of the other two, fell way short of creating any real desire. Maybe they’ll jazz it up a bit with the iPad 3 launch.

And by the way, enjoy the reflections of a bit of Chicago in the photos. It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday when we shopped Chicago.

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