Walmart on the move – to your doorstep

Retailing today is at an inflection point unlike I’ve ever seen in my “too many to count” years in the business. No retailer has as much at risk or to gain than Walmart. The company is one of the most fascinating stories to follow and talk about in the industry today.

As you might know by now, one of my retail/shopper marketing industry opportunities is being a panelist on the Retail Wire portal
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Today, we have a story about Walmart on the move, this time with a courier to your doorstep, delivering on the incessant need we have for instant gratification from the online shopping experience. Walmart, with logistics rigor, and stores galore, can and will deliver happiness to you the same day you click. (in some markets, they are in test expansion mode).

Is this the BIG opportunity in the making  for Walmart or a desperate reaction to the muscle of Amazon as it flexes to deliver same day to the 45% of US adult shoppers who name them as the number one place they shop online?

I believe Walmart is one of the bravest retailers  out there, with a renewed interest in testing and learning what’s good for the shoppers and good for their business too. I support this move, and I think it has HUGE potential upside in the two most important consumer groups to retail – Boomer and Gen Y consumers.  Read why….

Then read what everyone has to say on this critical topic. I believe that I’ve gained more insight and intellect from the power of the group discussion than from any other form of media in this business.

Join the movers and shakers and read RetailWire. Add your comments and raise the level of insight even higher! It’s not just Walmart on the move. Retail is racing to a tipping point, it’s critical for more thought leaders, like you, to join the discussion.



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