What’ s the most visually appealing aspect of travel for you?

For me, it’s an opportunity to be near water whenever I can. And to enjoy the stimulating colors. From the deep olive greens in a creek to the stunning turquoise of the Caribbean, each one is sensuous and has power to mesmerize and to energize.

Watercolors come with built-in feelings that aren’t always reflective of what they can signify. Typically, the calm teal colors of the Caribbean inspire happiness and reduce fear of the vast ocean for me.

But when I look at this photo below, which I snapped on St. Kitt’s island at the point where the Atlantic (left) and Caribbean oceans meet, it morphs into a visual symbol of choices to be made.

It becomes clear to me that the turbulence of an ocean teeming with motion, energy and change is where I’m drawn mentally, even though physically it scares the hell out of me. Time to wade in and trust the tides.

Give me the waves!
Give me the waves!

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