I already bought that, dammit.

See the post below from 2013? This issue of online retailers incessantly marketing products to me that I’ve already purchased is rampant and still annoying as hell.

I’ve been off this blog for a while now, working for a marketing firm, moving to North Carolina and traveling North America.

Which means I’ve been shopping online, more and more. I even ordered fixtures and hardware online  last winter while building a new house. But Amazon continues to advertise more bathroom fixtures to me via special emails offering me a sale price a year after the house is built. Come on Amazon, you must know I’m not a builder.

Why don’t  you email me when my age-defying, expensive face wash from Dr. Murad is on sale? I actually want to buy that about 4 or 5 times a year?

And the very same  lamp I bought from LampsPlus.com – and returned due to inaccurate color photography  –  is popping up on my Facebook feed within a week to remind me that I might want to buy it again? Ugh. No.

Online retailers, you have data. Please use it with the mindfulness of a human being. It’s shameful that after all this time your data doesn’t translate into learning. Can you at least TRY to know me, after all these years?  That’s supposed to be the “value”  – you making my shopping life easier and more convenient. Right?

I’m traveling less now. And shopping in real stores where I can talk to real humans. If I can find any left.

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