Retail Consulting


Selling what shoppers want to buy.

One thing retailers can do better is to understand what shoppers expect to see on shelves in their stores. And then get it on the shelf. Turns out that’s not always easy.

When a shopper expects to find Brand A on your shelves, and it’s not there,  they get disappointed. So how does a retailer keep its shoppers happy when the brand they want is blocked from the shelf because that retailer doesn’t fit the image or criteria for distribution?

In some cases, brands show up on shelves via a “diverter” – but that only works in certain stores and can actually damage the potential for a successful relationship with many brands.

We helped one retailer devise a new way of courting new national brands with a storytelling strategy. No more powerpoints with charts and graphs.  We began with a premise that the initial answer was going to be “no” from all the brands they were courting and our job was to “get to yes” – not at the end of the story but at 5 key points along the way.  We developed a story template but then published customized versions of “books” for 4 different categories that the merchants and marketers could take on calls to court new brands.  Merchandising executives rehearsed the delivery and knew when to stop the story and ask for a yes from the brand.

We know it’s human nature not to go back to a “no” after you’ve said yes five times in a meeting.